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Had a nice night...

So I went out to eat with Meg, Chels, and my mom. There was a little tiff towards the end but it seemed to resolve itself. THen we went to Wal-Mart cuz Meg was gonna buy me a bra for my b-day... I measured myself and everything last night and thought I could get by with a DD and not have to go to the special big ladies store but I was wrong : (   I guess us big tittied chicks don't get bras for $13 And this really makes me angry. Like yea I understand they have to use more fabric but come on they don't have a cheapie store like wal-mart for anything over a DD? It's just not fair. And I actually wasn't crazy jealous watchin Chles try on bikinis. I just thought, damn she looks good and after this baby, so will I.
But really, I will NEVER understand why girls want bigger boobs and why people want implants it's such a freakin hassle and they just get in the way. Tom likes em tho so I won't complain too much ; )

So Meg got me some shoes instead they're real cute white/cork type stuff wedge sandals It's not really cork like those tacky shoes used to be but ya know what I mean it's like a tan color idk, they're cute
I'm gonna have to paint my toenails.
And my mom got me an outfit that's cute so that's why I had to get shoes to go with it but with this damn weather my tootsies are gonna be cold!
So now I still need a new bra and a haircut.
Tremo night we're all goin out to Friday's for my bday dinner I'm excited. So far it's me, Meg, Chels, Tom, Clo, Mom, Ash n Alyssa (my fave cousins), My friend Ang, Chels's ex Mark, and possibly my friend Courtney and her bf. I got a few other maybes but haven't heard back.
Mmm I'll probably have some steak!
Well I'm out for the night, takin quizzes on facebook lol

peace and g'night

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